Boarding Life

• From the time students get up in the morning to the time they retire to bed, the youngsters are always on their toes, lively and energetic.

•The morning hours are spent in the dormitories studying. The dorm mistresses help in supervision and assist the students in their respective subjects of study.

•The dorm mistresses also help the wardens and matrons in accounting for the work at the end of the month, counseling and monitoring the progress of the children. Beside studies, children also contribute to the work in the dormitories making the beds, tidying up tables and folding blankets are some of the tasks the children get involved in as part of their learning experience.




• Students are accommodated separately in well designed dormitories. Dormitories with attached bathrooms facilitate 20 students per dorm with a recreation hall and lounge. Dorm mothers immaculate hygiene, good maintenance and a 24 - hour supply of electricity, hot / cold water as per the necessity.